Range Information
Acceptable Calibers
Our range is an air conditioned indoor range 25 yards deep designed for handgun calibers ranging from .22LR to .45ACP.
Bring your own ammo with your own guns!!

In addition, we allow the use of .223 rifles and 12ga. shotguns using OUR ammunition only. We are the only public range in Volusia County that allows the usage of 12ga shotguns.

Rental Program
We have over 40 different firearms available for rental for persons interested in a potential future purchase; or if you simply want to have some fun with a gun you've always wanted to try!
Prices and Fees
Due to insurance regulations every person entering the range (shooter or observer) must pay a $15 entry fee. This fee includes 1 hour range access, eye and ear protection, basic safety instruction and one target, all taxes included.
You must use OUR ammunition in our rental firearms. Ammo prices vary by caliber.

Age and Range Use
We allow juveniles 10 years old or above on the range with adult supervision.
Persons 18 years of age bringing their own firearms and ammunition may use the range.
Persons 21 and above may rent over 50 different handguns / long guns and purchase ammunition.